Is this about mere exchange of clients?

No. This is a lot more than just mere client exchange or arrangement. This is about showcasing yourself as one brand with a pan India and global network, to achieve an accelerated growth level that would otherwise not be possible if focused in one area/location or service or individual practice.

Will I lose my identity?

You may choose to retain your name, if it has generated a lot of goodwill in your area. However, you will have to project the IBS brand for new assignments and clients. The arrangements will be negotiated depending on the age, reputation and services of your practice.

Why should I part with my clients, whom I have developed arduously?

You are not parting with your own clients as you will continue to deal with them in your individual capacity and will continue to be the face for all engagements. You just have to additionally project yourself as part of IBS team, which we believe will have no bearings on your clients. If anything, they gain an edge, as you will represent a corporate service provider with access to wider solutions.

Can I pitch for services that are not my expertise?

Yes. As our franchisee, you are a complete solution provider with access to a wide range of financial and legal solutions, whether or not you individually provide them. You will be backed by our team that will execute them.

Will I have to arrange for my business space and arrange for my own clientele?

You can continue from your existing place of business. And if you are looking for a new set up, you will have to arrange for the same. We can provide the required support/help.