"Everything you can imagine is real"

- Dinesh Makani, Founder - IBS Group

IBS is a combination of dreams. A dream to serve the promising SME (for us, its Smart and Mindful Enterprises) across ASIA, A dream to combine Business and Legal consulting services, A dream to provide pro Bono (Business & Legal consulting services) to those that deserve and, A dream to pick and set-together a bunch of like minded, energetic, knowledgeable and, experienced people.

We are a team of high quality solution providers who have proven credential of more than 2 decades in the legal, financial, strategic and general business advisory space and a mindshare of more than 200 clients across India and other countries.


  • Dinesh Makani

  • Leena Makani

  • T Sankaravel

Dinesh Makani, Founder (B.com, L.L.B, ACS, AICWAI, and CIMA - UK) Dinesh has over 30 years of experience in structuring business deals, negotiation, corporate finance, M&A, entry-exit strategies, family business and succession planning. In addition to executing several complex projects for his own organization, he has formulated distinctive legal solutions across the IT, Food, Retail, Hospitality, Pharma and Plastics industries.

He founded IBS in 2009 to share his expert knowledge base and assist entrepreneurs and SMEs accomplish their individual vision. Presently, he delivers lectures in multiple forums in the areas of succession planning, risk management, start-up strategies, legal, finance and management subjects, and also acts as mentor for various start-ups.

Leena Makani, Co Founder, B.Com, LLB, and ACS Leena has over 17 years of experience in Corporate Law, wherein she served as liaison to numerous negotiations and was extensively involved in litigation, corporate governance and drafting. As counsel, she has handled commercial transactions like deal structuring, succession planning, and funding across diverse sectors such as IT, Retail, Manufacturing, BPO and Pharma (with both leading MNCs and Indian corporates). An entrepreneur from the beginning of her career, she co-founded IBS to complement legal support as part of the business value chain to varied clients.

T Sankaravel Associate Director - Chennai Sankaravel comes with an illustrious experience of over 25 years in litigation strategy, civil and criminal law, property, constitution and strategic management consulting. An expert in handling complex legal issues and cases, he has formulated effective strategies for an amicable settlement of cases in private and government sector. He has expansive knowledge and experience in matters relating to property and real estate, and has liaised extensively with government departments and external agencies across the country.

He is also a trainer and has conducted training programs and seminars on Practical Aspects of Legal Practice relating to Writs,Labour Laws, Safe Guards and the Information Technology Act, Intricacies in Negotiable Instruments Act, Constitutional Law, Curtain Raiser – New Companies Bill, GST and other continuous professional education updates.

Advisory Panel

The IBS advisory panel function as our guiding stars. From time to time, they advise our team strategically and dispense expert advice on a diverse range of subject matters, including paradigm shifts in the industry and related compliance matters.

Kamal Pande


Kamal Pande (CMA, LLB) Kamal possesses a flourishing career of 30+ years, which spans Finance, Legal, HR, Logistics, as well as IT architecture. He is actively engaged with promoters in the CEO / COO capacity, to formulate and implement tactical business plans that can catapult organizations towards their goals. As a CFO, he has managed finance functions of Strategic Planning, Budgeting, Costing, Private Equity Funding, Audits, M&A, internal controls, as well as legal functions, such as the negotiation of agreements with different stakeholders. An expert strategist, he has ideated and executed large scale processes including key ERP projects across all platforms (Customized, Oracle Financials, Microsoft Dynamics Nav, Microsoft Dynamics AX, and SAP).